Black soldier Fly Unit
Sanergy is a Kenya-based social enterprise that promotes the fundamental human right to sanitation by increasing access to and usage of hygienic sanitation facilities in informal settlements. They create an efficient, equitable, and sustainable sanitation cycle by building a dense network of small-scale sanitation centres across the slums, a low-cost containerised waste collection infrastructure, and converting this waste at their central processing facility into useful by-products, such as organic fertilizer and renewable energy.
The goal of the Black Soldier Fly Production Facility is to produce the fly larvae that will decompose the waste from the sanitary facilities into fertilizer. With a total of 7 different phases (and buildings) within the production process, BuildX Studio provided an end-to-end service, designing an appropriate arrangement of spaces for efficient production and delivering high quality and efficient construction services to boost production as early as possible.
Location: Kinanie, Kenya
Structural Engineers: NM Engineering Consult Ltd.
Year: 2017 - 18
Built Area: 2,150 m²