Designing Dreams Transition Home
Transition Home
Location: Machakos, Kenya
Clients: Tribune for Human Rights (THRibune)
Size: 205㎡
Budget: $100,000 (Ksh 11.7M)
Year: 2022
Scope: Design & Build
Status: Ongoing

Designing Dreams Transition Home will be a home for girls who have been in conflict with the law and have graduated from rehabilitation schools.

We are leading the design and construction of the home for 15 – 20 girls equipped with bedrooms, washrooms, a kitchen and dining. The development will also include a multi-purpose space and a counselling room for psycho-social support sessions with social workers and mentors.

While living at the home, the girls will be empowered with socio-economic skills through vocational training to ensure they are capable of sustaining themselves beyond life at the home.

Our design seeks to integrate the natural environment to create accessible, happy, safe and healthy spaces. This will be achieved through a strong connection of the buildings to nature, the use of human-centred design principles and climate-responsive strategies to enhance user comfort.

The project focuses on ecologically and economically sustainable, low maintenance materials. Our preliminary calculations show the project has the potential to be EDGE certified.

Tribune for Human Rights (THRibune) is a non-profit, independent association with a focus on defending human rights. THRibune and partners run a programme in Kenya to empower girls in conflict with the law before reintegration back into society.

For this project, THRibune has partnered with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOCD) and the Department of Child Services (DCS). The objective is for the home to serve as a replicable model for future transition homes to be built across East Africa.