Housing Development
HOME is building a better future through the development of sustainable, scalable, community-centred housing solutions that address the challenge and opportunity that Africa's population growth and rapid urban migration set both from a progress and well-being perspective, and climate change.
Focused on addressing carbon mitigation through the reduction in associated emissions during the build stage (material choice, local sourcing, building techniques) and the delivery of low carbon houses, our mission is to develop a replicable model that can be scaled to achieve economies of scale that enable greater market access through competitive pricing.

The first prototype is situated on a semi-rural property with magnificent views over the Rift valley, the ethos of this masterplan being to create an oasis for young families to call home; a plan that utilises the unique location attributes to celebrate nature and foster community.
By leveraging great process and product design, we aim to achieve efficiencies that lead to unit economics that enable competitive pricing for the emergent middle-income bracket, and with scale, lower income housing.
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Year: 2019 – Present (design stage)
Built Area: 25,000 m2
Structural Engineering Partners: ARUP
MEP Engineers: Gamma Delta EA