iAfrica Foundation
iAfrica Foundation, a UK registered charity that implements education, conservation and livelihoods projects in rural and poor communities in Africa launched the ZayoHub programme in 2018. ZayoHub works with communities living in under-served, climate-change affected communities, to create locally-driven sustainable social and economic development.

The solar powered tech-enabled hubs support communities with programmes addressing financial inclusion, sustainable livelihoods, and education for all. These services combine to facilitate multiple social and development outcomes, aligned to Sustainable Development Goal targets. The hubs are managed by local agents, recruited from within the community and serve non-migratory rural communities of between 3,000 and 5,000 population size.
In 2018, BuildX Studio was contracted by ZayoHub to design and build three community hubs that could be safely built using local labour and materials, with minimal expert supervision and at the lowest practical cost. The hubs were in Sikauzwe, Magumwi and Lipumpu in Zambia and were built within a limited time of 4 months.
The 130m² structures cost approximately £100/m², enabling the deployment of more hubs due to their cost efficiency. Thirty-five local, unskilled workers, over half of which were women, were employed and trained in the use of the sandbag construction technology. Once built, the number of beneficiaries (building users) served by each hub is about 5,000 and this number exceeded the anticipated level in the first year of operation.
Location: Mwandi and Kazungula District, Zambia
Year: 2018 (Construction Completed)
Built Area: 130 m2 per hub