Wagusu Education Centre
Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project (KVCDP), registered as Voluntary and Community Development Project (VACODEP) is a Kenyan non-profit, non-governmental organisation with a mission to empower the youth socially and economically, improving the quality of life in communities.

KVCDP partnered with Projet d'Engagement Communautaire au Kenya (PECK) in the development of the Wagusu Education Centre in Wagusu, Siaya County. PECK is a non-profit organisation that helps children living in difficult conditions in Wagusu. Their objective is to facilitate education and create sustainable projects that can guarantee a better future for children of Kenya.

The education centre compliments the existing Wagusu School with a small library, a media room, an office and a study room. The design utilises the locally available building materials in humble yet innovative ways. It provides a conducive environment for the children, with the interior furniture and fixtures designed to address the scale of the child.
The design of the library is focused on providing equipment and facilities that will boost the children’s learning experience. The reading area is arranged with nooks in between the shelving that provide semi-private spaces for study. The use of local wood for the furniture and roof structure also creates a warm environment that regulates temperatures and promotes health and wellbeing.

Once built, the building is aimed at impacting the lives of hundreds of children in Siaya county through a space where everyone can learn. With over four thousand books, the centre will be powered by solar energy to help children do their homework at night. With the provision of ICT equipment in the media room, the library is also meant to encourage early adoption of technology in learning especially within the rural setting of Wagusu.
Location: Bondo, Kenya
Year: 2017 – 2020 (Technical Design)
Built Area: 200m2