Makini Schools
Pre-Primary & Nursery School
Makini Schools work to blend the Kenyan curriculum with global best practices in education. Their schools develop well-rounded human beings, who as learners make amazing academic progress, are confident and ready for work in the modern world.

The School focuses on the formation of each student’s moral character, unique skills, capabilities and talents, the creation of a strong communal ethos of social responsibility and the achievement of the highest possible academic results.
As part of Makini Schools’ long-term vision as a leader in Kenyan education, a number of key projects are planned to continuously improve and enhance the quality of physical infrastructure across the school’s main Nairobi campus. One of these key projects is the relocation of the Pre-Primary & Nursery School to a new area of the Campus.

The aim with this project is to respond to a new teaching pedagogy which enhances the experience of students and teachers with the design of learning spaces which are fun, comfortable and inspiring.
We are greatly inspired by Makini’s ambition to create spaces that influence the child to learn and grow by fostering their creativity. We plan to achieve this by designing a child-centred building, with healthy and safe spaces, whilst also being climate-conscious in our material choices.
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Year: 2019 – Present (design stage)
Built Area: 630 m²