Makini Schools
Pre-Primary & Nursery School
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Client: Makini Schools
Size: 630㎡
Budget: $396K (Ksh 45M)
Year: 2019-2020
Scope: Design
Status: Completed

Creating spaces that influence children to learn and grow by fostering their creativity was a central objective of our design project with Makini Schools.

The project comprises eight classrooms that supplement the pre-school capacity in Nairobi and provide new separate spaces for the younger children to learn in direct contact with nature.

We aimed to respond to Makini’s new teaching pedagogy which enhances the experience of students and teachers with the design of learning spaces which are fun, comfortable and inspiring.

To achieve this, our design principles for this project include: classrooms that are designed for free flow to the outside space through large openings; environmental design that factors natural lighting, ventilation and use of circulation space as play space; and access to nature through a rooftop garden.