Mothers of Africa
Shiyala Primary School
Location: Chongwe, Zambia
Client: Mothers of Africa
Built Area: 930 m²
Budget: $0.35
Year: 2017
Scope: Design & Build
Status: Completed
Partners: StructureMode

Our work with Mothers of Africa comprised the upgrading and extension of an existing primary school in Zambia. Ten years after they were originally built by local Government, the modest classroom blocks stood derelict. With a minimal budget, using local materials in innovative ways, we worked to create a colourful, dignified and healthy community school and staff housing.

Our design and construction leveraged material already on site, extending existing walls instead

of demolishing them, and using recycled drums with rammed earth to create the colorful columns that adorn the classes. The final school features three classroom blocks framing a central courtyard within the compound, as well as a small library.

The new roof in the renovated blocks offers generous shading during Zambia’s hottest months, with an air gap between the walls and roof for increased airflow and natural lighting.