Mutende Primary School
Location: Chingola, Zambia
Year: 2013
Built Area: 350 m²

The Mutende Children’s Village near Chingola, Zambia offers opportunities for orphans and abandoned children to be cared for in a loving, family environment. It has been shaped by the belief that education really is the most powerful means by which the world can be changed. At its core, there is a love of discovery and learning. The voices of the children as they play, sing, dance and learn about the world around them, has been what has played a significant part in community development and social impact.

In 2013, along with a team of volunteers, our non-profit predecessor Orkidstudio designed and constructed a large hall space, which can be divided into three classrooms plus an office and IT suite, for the Mutende’s Harold Mwenge Memorial Academy within the village.

Built in only 7 weeks, this 350m² structure cost only £100/m² and doubled the existing study space, enabling the school to provide education for significantly more children in the local area.