School Prototypes
PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) supports children to access quality secondary education.
For millions of children across Africa, the end of primary school is the end of their education. Too few secondary schools exist, and those that do charge unaffordable fees. As a result, just 1 in 3 African children access secondary school. Even when they do, in many cases weak school management and ineffective teaching mean they often don't reach their potential.

And yet secondary education is completely life changing for young people. Each additional year of secondary education adds 13% to a person’s lifetime earnings - that's enough to take a family out of poverty. Today, 72 million African children are missing out on secondary education, and the chance to change their lives.

PEAS’s growing network of secondary schools transforms lives by providing high-quality secondary education to children who would otherwise struggle to go to school. Working in some of Uganda and Zambia’s most underserved areas, they also share what they know with others so that their impact stretches way beyond their own communities.
BuildX studio won a competitive bid to undertake a full overhaul of standardised secondary school design for PEAS, with a focus on frugal design and ease of repetition across both Uganda and Zambia and versions submitted for both contextual requirements.

The design process focused on maximising functionality and use of low-cost local materials to create classroom spaces which are conducive to optimised learning, taking advantage of natural daylight and ventilation.
Location: Uganda & Zambia
Year: 2017 - 18
Built Area: 2,500 m2
Structural Engineers: AKT-II
MEP Engineers: Atelier 10