Penda Health
Medical Centres Refurbishments
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Client: Penda Health
Size: 200-250m2 per centre
Budget: $53K (Ksh 6M)
Year: 2018-Present
Scope: Design
Status: 30 centres designed to date

Our work with Penda Health, a chain of outpatient medical centres in Nairobi, focuses on designing medical centres in existing buildings in semi-formal neighbourhoods.

Reusing space is an essential component of sustainable building. By working with existing buildings, we eliminate the need for new construction, resulting into lower carbon footprints for each project.

Our work with Penda Health aims to adapt the often-challenging existing structures into vibrant, accessible and dignified health clinics. For example, we strive to provide adequate levels of airflow and natural light to all the spaces despite spatial constraints of the existing buildings.

To date, we have designed 30 clinics providing access to medical services in some of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Nairobi.