Raising Futures Kenya
Vocational Training Centre
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Client: Raising Futures Kenya
Size: 750 m²
Year: 2019
Scope: Design
Status: Complete

The Seed of Hope Centre, run by non-profit organisation Raising Futures Kenya, offers educational opportunities, training skills, life skills and self-reliance and independence skills to youth from low-income communities in Kenya. In response to the growing number of students, BuildX designed a new vocational training centre as an open, safe and beautiful space to meet, learn and create. 

Our design makes efficient use of available space, with different learning facilities arranged around a central courtyard. Passive design strategies, such as overhangs and the use of hollow bricks control the amount of light that enters the learning spaces. Our design encourages cross-ventilation that enables the ease of flow of fresh cool air into the building. 

Our material choices are characterised by innovation and durability. Brick at the front and back of the building creates a protective look on the exterior as a uniform, hardy material, whilst polycarbonate on the inside façades acts as a softer and more transparent layer which allows for a lighter and more engaging feel from the courtyard.

The choice of brick comes from its durability against the elements, its tough and robust feel, but also its warm colour and touch which makes for a more homey feel inside the classrooms. Polycarbonate was chosen for its translucent character, allowing for light to go through but not clear images, which enhances student concentration. It is also more durable than glass and less likely to break.