Raising Futures Kenya
Seed of Hope Centre
The Seed of Hope Centre, run by non-profit organisation Raising Futures Kenya, offers educational opportunities, training skills, life skills and self-reliance and independence skills to youth in from low-income communities in Kenya. Founded in 2002, the foundation has had a far-reaching impact on the community and seen many of their graduates uplifted from poverty. The main strategic initiative from their 2-year plan is to focus on their vocational training centres, where their expertise and resources have brought the biggest impacts.
Their current vocational training centre in Nairobi has already impacted the lives of thousands of graduates, with a 90% employment rate overall. The plan is to build a facility that can cater for the growing number of students, becoming a source of income for the economic sustainability of the organisation and a beacon of hope for the community at large. The Seed of Hope centre will be the new heart of the community and is envisioned as an open, safe and beautiful space to meet, learn and create.
This project impacts youth right at the heart of the community by providing a dignified and healthy place for them to grow and learn, designed innovatively and with environmental design principles. We do this through the transformation of common, off-the-shelf materials like brick, polycarbonate and steel, and through innovation and a smart design that creates conducive learning environments.
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Year: 2019 – Present (design stage)
Built Area: 750 m²