Startup Lions
ICT Education Centre
Startup Lions is working to enable talented youth living in rural Africa to make a living by selling Fair Trade digital services to international customers.

Startup Lions is part a unit of three; Learning Lions, which trains talented and motivated young adults with high value skills in ICT; Digital Lions, the fair-trade IT outsourcing agency that takes on the trainees to work with international customers and gather hands-on business experience; and Startup Lions which provides them with the necessary funds and tools so that they can launch their own start-up and become economically independent.
BuildX Studio was contracted as the structural and civil engineer as well as the main contractor for the new ICT Education Centre in Turkana. The ICT Centre will support local entrepreneurship and youth through ICT skills training. The facility comprises an administration block, co-working spaces, open cafeteria, open roof terrace facilities and a small kitchen.

Located in a very remote area of Turkana, 2 hours away from the nearest hardware store and having to cross rivers to get to the site, the use of local materials and transfer of knowledge to the locals was of paramount importance during the construction process.

The exterior façade blends into the Turkana landscape, with the use of passive design techniques such as wind towers, louvred windows and shaded terrace spaces providing comfortable study areas and great views towards Lake Turkana.
The local community was the greatest beneficiary of the project during construction; from the purchase of locally sourced material to the creation of jobs with at least 18 women being employed on the construction site. The local sourcing of construction material ensured minimum impact to the environment.

The first phase of the ICT Centre is expected to serve more than 1000 students.
Location: Loropio, Turkana County
Year: 2020
Built Area: 1405m2
Architect: Kéré Architecture