The Green Heart of Kenya
Location: Kilifi, Kenya
Client: Green Heart of Kenya
Size: 750 acres
Year: 2020-Present
Scope: Masterplan
Status: Ongoing

Green Heart of Kenya will be a regenerative village and productive landscape development across 750 acres in Kilifi. 

Our work includes the development of a technical masterplan, design guidelines and a sustainability framework for the mixed-use sustainable development at the Kenyan coast.

The project consists of housing, education, commercial and industrial activities, agroforestry and agriculture – all integrated into a mutually supportive circular system. In addition, a large part of the area is earmarked for conservation and reforestation of species indidginous to the Kenyan coast.

Our client’s vision is to build regenerative futures for the natural ecosystem and the local community, while supporting the economy and driving profit. To help achieve this vision, the spatial layout of the masterplan is guided by three core principles: (1) regenerative landscapes, (2) flexibility & adaptability, (3) village feel.

The development is structured in two main clusters set within generous areas of agriculture and silvopasture. This makes the productive landscape visible from anywhere within Green Heart of Kenya. By integrating the patterns of the historic sisal plantations and existing vegetation, we create a neighborhood based on human scale and sense of place.

Our sustainability framework compiles parameters and performance thresholds of various internationally ratified green/sustainable rating systems. The roadmap provides clear strategic targets over the life of the project beyond the local minimum standards.