The Rewildings
Conservation and residential development
Location: Tigoni, Kenya
Client: The Rewildings Ltd
Year: 2021-Ongoing
Scope: Design & Build
Status: Ongoing
Partners: Landscape Studio, Solid Green, MEP Design Ltd

The Rewildings is a conservation and residential development rooted in a strong commitment to the regeneration and enhancement of the local natural ecosystems in and around the site. We are leading the development of eight family homes on a 10.3 acre site.

The project aims to be an exemplar of climate-positive development in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Residents will uphold values and practices which respect the land, its natural flora and fauna, and the surrounding area.

“Rewilding” is the restoration of the land to its natural form. Our goal is to embrace this concept within the project by using natural materials and sustainable systems, as well as restoring trees and other flora to the site which provide a rich and biodiverse habitat for all local fauna. In particular, safe passage, food, and canopy space should be created for the Colobus monkeys native to the area.