3000 Friends Education Centre
Location: Rongai, Kenya
Client: The Xaverian Missionaries
Size: 1,100m2
Budget: $1.1M (Ksh 120M)
Year: 2017-2018
Scope: Design & Build
Status: Completed
Partners: Engplan & Max Fordham

The vision to create spaces that influence the seminarians to learn and grow, and to learn and live from the land that surrounds them, underpinned our design of the Xaverian Missionaries of Yarumal education centre and residence.

The building we designed and built includes healthy and safe spaces that enhance the personal and spiritual growth of the seminarians, and climate- conscious material choices.

The Xaverian Missionaries of Yarumal work across rural and marginalised regions of Kenya to promote human growth and development. The centre combines the studies of spirituality and prayer with agricultural work, sports, recreation, and community engagement. It seeks to be a welcoming place for the seminarians and the local communities they work with.